Sunday Morning Singers

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Sunday Morning Singers

Apropos of nothing at all, here are the singers to whom I've been listening this morning: Kenneth McKellar, Anna Netrebko, Aldo Protti, Rita Streich, Franco Bonisolli, Franco Corelli, Eberhard Wächter, Ruggero Raimondi, Ernesto Palacio, Justin Lavender, Ella Fitzgerald, Platon Tsesevich, Francesco Navarini, Umberto Di Lelio. A mixed, but entirely pleasurable bunch.


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RE: Sunday Morning Singers

Oh, Ella Fitzgerald! I adore her. Ready to listen to her magical voice over and over again. Always!

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RE: Sunday Morning Singers

Ella Fitzgerald is among my favs.  She's on of the best singers ever, isn't she?





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RE: Sunday Morning Singers

sunday morning is very nice morning for all because its holiday and people usually wake up late and enjoying sleep on that day and some peoples sing song to enjoy morning good morning messages greetings

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RE: Sunday Morning Singers

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