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Hall of Fame

I am missing a lot of exceptional performers in the shortlists of the Hall off fame:

Eliahu inbal (Mahler 2,3,5,7 unsurpassed!)

Sergiu Celibadache (Bruckner - different but pearls for your collection)

Myung Whun Chung (Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet , is there an alternative?)

Hillary Hahn (Barber - violinconcerto, Vaughan Williams - Lark ascending)

Kent Nagano (Strawinsky - Sacre , no better recording ever so)


Maybe there are more I did not think of yet. And You who do you think should be in the Hall of fame who is not included in the lists?

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RE: Hall of Fame

Well, the first choice is Carlos Kleiber, of course! For singers, don't forget the great bass Boris Chistoff. Also, the great cellist G. du Pre!

Tommy Vichev - pianist :)

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RE: Hall of Fame

Tebaldi, Corelli, Lipatti, Savall and Celibidache [even if he is not on the list; maybe you will work on this ;)]. thinking for the next 3. hard to choose.

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